5 Easy Steps To Becoming A Successful Celebrity Mom

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The first press is the cold press, meaning its without heat or chemicals, and its extra virgin meaning, it is the premium olive oil that you want to buy. Anything else is a pure olive oil or its a leftover olive oil.” – Cat Cora, celebrity chef Americans also like the taste, as olive oil consumption in the U.S. has tripled over two decades. Yet, despite these facts, there remains a lot of confusion about what Greek poet Homer called “liquid gold.” Its not surprising considering its many labels: cold pressed, extra-light, pure. What do they mean and which is better? “Iron Chef” and Food Network starCat Cora stopped by FoxNews.com Live studios to help break it all down. Cora, who is of Greek-American heritage, knows a thing or two about olive oil. Shes partnered with the Mediterranean cuisine company Gaea, to develop Cat Coras Kitchen by Gaea — a range of olive oils, tapenades, cooking sauces and vinegars. Here are six truths about olive oil that will hopefully add clarity to your next bottle you purchase. TRUE OR FALSE? Olive oil isn’t good for frying food False: It does have a high smoking point, meaning it can go up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason why a lot of people do not fry, deep fry, with olive oil is because its expensive. TRUE OR FALSE? Oil that isn’t first cold-pressed is just the leftover oil True: The first press is the cold press, meaning its without heat or chemicals, and its extra virgin meaning, it is the premium olive oil that you want to buy. Anything else is a pure olive oil or its a leftover olive oil.” TRUE OR FALSE? Cooking olive oil destroys its health benefits True: It does destroy some of the health benefits. It definitely does because of the heat … but what we do in the Mediterranean is we will cook with a little bit of olive oil and then well actually add a drizzle of fresh olive oil on top …

Celebrity chef Cat Cora debunks common olive oil myths

“What she talked about with her fans and followers, it wasn’t about acting,” Marwick says. “It was really about her efforts as a parent and the relatable struggles that parents go through. Even if you have nothing in common with a woman who lives in Hollywood, who’s really thin and has designer clothes, maybe the one thing you do have in common with her is the fact that you’re both parents.” 2. Always be posting (baby pictures). Like any proud parent, show off lots and lots of pictures of your baby. Whenever you’ve got a free moment between changing diapers (or supervising the nanny changing diapers) plop a pic on your Instagram or Twitter accounts. Remember, no moment with your child is too small or mundane. View gallery Jennifer Garner and her three cuties visit the park. (FameFlynet) 3. Two words: farmers market. Of all the places to be snapped, nothing suggests perfect, down-to-earth mom like gathering up tote bags of fresh kale while pushing a stroller. Jennifer Garner has lobbied for tougher laws on photographers who snap children. But she is revered as a great mom largely due to the fact that she’s often caught on film leading her girls Violet and Seraphina and her son Samuel through various farmers markets.

Man’s Trial for Shooting, Theft of Celebrity Chef’s Lamborghini, Opens

Wade is charged with commercial burglary and auto theft for the 2011 heist that looked like something out of Oceans Eleven. A burglar draped in black clothing repelled into the British Motors dealership last year and drove off with Feiris $200,000 luxury convertible. Although Wade was a minor when the crime occurred, he is being charged as an adult. He might have made a clean getaway,prosecutorsallege, if it werent for an unrelated incident Marin County authorities were investigating. They followed Wade to a storage facility, because they suspected his involvement in a drive-by shooting, and found the missing vehicle. For the drive-by, Wade was charged with attempted murder. Max Wade already had the flashy yellow Lamborghini, but he wanted to have the beautiful blonde to go with it, and he was willing to kill to get it, Deputy District Attorney Yvette Martinez told jurors during opening statements in a San Rafael courtroom Friday. Aside from the car theft charges, the DA says that Wade, scorned by the object of his affection, 18-year-old Eva Dedier, tried to kill her and her boyfriend, Landon Wahlstrom, 19, while they sat in Wahlstroms truck outside his home. Theyre [Dedier and Wahlstrom] cooperating with the legal process, said Lt. Jamie Scardina, with the Marin County Sheriffs Department. Landon has already testified, hes done, but always subject to a call-back. The love triangle was thrown out, the judge didnt believe there was a love triangle, said Wades mother, Leylla Wade. First she said he stole a Lamborghini a year ago to seduce the girl, which is bulls***, even the judge doesnt believe it. In opening arguments, defense lawyer Charles Dresow said he had evidence to prove Wade did not shoot at the victims. The Lamborghini theft and the shooting occurred.