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You don’t have to be too proud when your voice is coming out of a cartoon. Friends With Benefits:Timberlake’s real-life persona could potentially be viewed as charmingly douchey. He plays up both of those qualities in this rom com. His chemistry with costar Mila Kunis is what makes it all work though. And his abs. Alpha Dog:If you’re picking up on a trend here, Timberlake is best when he’s playing characters that he can relate to. Because that character basically is him. In Alpha Dog, Timberlake just plays a stoned mama’s boy (see also: Justin Timberlake’s episode ofPunk’d). NEWS:Why Ben Affleck (and Batman) will be OK even ifRunner Runnerbombs The Bad: The Love Guru:Justin’s character is nicknamed “Le Coq.” Because he has a big, well, we don’t have to explain it to you. That’s as funny as this failed Saturday Night Live skit of a movie gets. And Timberlake is just as unfunny, playing up a bad Quebec accent and apparently no sense of comedic timing. The good news: He can truthfully say he wasn’t worse than anyone else in this flop. Southland Tales:Timberlake plays a singing Iraq vet. And he’s way over-the-top, which is saying something considering the whole movie is over the top. The good news: No one ever saw it. Bad Teacher:Justin Timberlake is supposed to play the dreamy substitute teacher who ends up being a nerdy wimp.

By Ryan J. Downey The weight of “Gravity” was just too heavy for Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck over the weekend. Filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron’s sci-fi epic crushed the box office record for October with a $55.5 million weekend, displacing 2011’s “Paranormal Activity 3” and providing career-best openings for Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in the process. Remaining at a beyond impressive 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes “Tomatometer” as the weekend concluded, “Gravity” enjoyed the combination of critical consensus and word of mouth about its impressive 3-D IMAX visuals. 3-D ticket sales accounted for 71 percent of that $55.5 million total, with IMAX showings contributing roughly 20 percent. In addition to the heavy-duty emotional work poured into the performances ( Bullock recently talked about that scene with MTV News), there are many other noteworthy facts to consider surrounding its record breaking weekend. The movie isn’t a sequel, or remake or an adaptation. The female lead is 49 years old; the male lead is 52. Bullock’s previous career-best opening was just a few months ago, when the action-comedy “Heat” started with $39.1 million . Clooney’s new #2 stretches all the way back to 1997’s ill-fated “Batman and Robin,” which kicked off with $42.8 million. Ben Affleck will step inside the Batman suit in 2015’s followup to “Man of Steel,” but for now, he’ll have to look forward to next year’s release of “Gone Girl” (directed by David Fincher) and his own adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s “Live By Night” (which Affleck co-wrote and will both direct and star in) because there isn’t much to celebrate about “Runner Runner” now. Despite the star power of Justin Timberlake and Affleck and an association with producer Leonardo DiCaprio, “Runner Runner” stumbled with one of the worst openings ever for a movie debuting on more than 3,000 screens (the #1 record for that belongs to “Hoot,” which featured future Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Clark Gregg in a small role).

From Mouseketeer to megastar: The rise of Justin Timberlake

Suspecting foul play he has the data analyzed, and sure enough, hes been cheated. So he packs his bags and flies off to the absolutely and completely corrupt nation of Costa Rica where Midnight Blacks CEO, Ivan Block (Ben Affleck), resides outside of the United States jurisdiction. Furst finagles some face time, shares his accusation of the sites malfeasance, and is promptly offered a job with the company. What job? Not important. All of his financial dreams are coming true, but the whole endeavor is threatened by the love of a bad woman (Gemma Arterton), the faults of a weak father (John Heard), and the actual threats of a rogue F.B.I. agent named Shavers (Anthony Mackie). Also, crocodiles. Runner Runner is a movie made by people whove seen other movies and thought to themselves, yeah, I can do that. It manages to be both convoluted and simplistic, busy and ultimately empty, and it does it all with expository narration that [] Movie News By Samantha Wilson on August 27, 2013 | Comments (1) Before he dons the Batman costume and endures the rage of thousands of confused and disgruntled fans who are outraged they werent consulted about a studios casting choice, Ben Affleck will be playing a different kind of billionaire. In Brad Furmans Runner Runner, Affleck is the head of an online poker company that is apparently located on the worlds most ominous tropical island. Here, he meets with average not-30-year-old college student Justin Timberlake, who has decided that gambling via online poker would be the smartest way to pay off his student loans. When that plan goes sour and he loses all of his money instead, he flies to Spooky Island to meet with Affleck.

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Justin Timberlake is a kid from Memphis, after all. Home was actually north of the big city: Millington, Tennessee. The grandson of a preacher and son of a choir director never passed up a chance to perform. Early videos of young Justin singing in church and in local shows reveal a boy who idolized Presley, and was himself becoming the performer with the something-special swagger. Bob Westbrook, who gave 8-year-old Justin his first real singing lessons, told CNN Timberlake’s X factor comes from “his mannerism and his charisma, his hair, that whole bit, his natural stage feel.” “People in the music industry always talk about this thing or that thing, but he definitely always had that thing. Always,” Trace Ayala, his best friend and William Rast business partner, added. The adult Timberlake now jokes about his lack of formal training, but still thinks his sound is from the past, “Funny enough, I learned how to sing when I was a kid [by] imitating singers … like Al Green and Don Henley. I was an only child and was obviously really bored, so I would entertain my parents by imitating cartoon voices like Scooby Doo, Boo Boo and others. So, you know that about me now, I guess. I’m killing any cache of cool I’ve managed to build up over the years,” he told “Ask Men.” Ayala believes their hometown informs everything they do. “Memphis is a very, very, very musical town, everything revolves around music.