London Cash Buyers Send Banks North To Riskier Loans

Football Thursday: Can ‘Madden’ video game do more to help NFL in London than the Jaguars?

Incomes and earnings power are lower in the north, said Ed Ferrari, a lecturer at the University of Sheffield who has studied the U.K.s housing-market volatility. The north has the land to develop housing. What it doesnt have is demand for that housing, he said. The government should focus on improving housing supply rather than demand, Ferrari said. In Liverpool, the council offered 20 dilapidated homes for sale for 1 pound each in February. More than 1,000 people applied to buy the properties, according to the councils website. About 9 percent of borrowers in the north were in negative equity in the first quarter of this year, up from 8.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011, Standard & Poors analysts including Mark Boyce wrote in a June 19 report. That compares with an estimated 2 percent of homeowners in the south whose properties are worth less than they owe on their mortgages, S&P estimates. Government Cuts The region may also be hurt by the governments plan to fire 1.2 million workers from 2011 through the first quarter of 2018, because a higher proportion of their employees work there, S&P said. S&P defines the north as the Midlands, North East and North West of England, Yorkshire and the Humber, Wales and Scotland . Lloyds fell 1.1 percent to 74.12 pence at 4:34 p.m.

But the City of Light, one of the most visited cities in the world, has been knocked off its perch as best city in the world by London and Sydney in a new index released this week. According to the latest edition of the Anholt-GfK City Brands Index which measures a citys brand image, power and appeal, Londons stock has gone up in the world as it took the top spot in the biennial ranking. Possible reasons could include the fact that the city continues to bask in the afterglow of a successful Summer Olympic Games and has maintained a presence in the international spotlight with a string of historic milestones that include the Queens Coronation ceremony and the highly anticipated birth of a new royal with the arrival of Prince George. London also took the top spot as the city where individual cultures are appreciated and where foreigners can “easily fit in.” Sydney, meanwhile, enjoys a stellar reputation around the world for being the safest and friendliest city. The City Brands index measures the value of a citys international reputation across six dimensions: its international status and standing; esthetic; a category called pre-requisites such as affordable accommodations and the standard of public amenities; people; pulse (interesting things to do) and its economic and educational potential. More than 5,140 interviews were conducted in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Russia, South Korea, the US and the UK for the index. And while Paris was able to take the top spot in the category of Pulse, where the city failed to crack the top 10 ranking was in categories such as Friendly People and Safety. This summer, in a bid to shed their longstanding image of being rude and surly, the citys chamber of commerce published an etiquette manual for Parisian restaurateurs, taxi drivers and sales staff on how to welcome international tourists. …despite its indisputable charm, the capital has work to do when it comes to welcoming visitors, the chamber admits. And earlier this year, high-profile muggings of Chinese tourists robbed of their passports, plane tickets and cash shortly after landing in Paris tarnished the citys image, as did footage broadcast worldwide of soccer-related riots which broke out not far from the Eiffel Tower. Meanwhile, other notable movements on the index include Tokyo, which suffered a 7-spot drop from tenth place in 2011 to 17th place in 2013. Amsterdam, meanwhile, shot up the ranks from 17th spot to 11th position this year. And while Rio de Janeiro was ranked the third friendliest city on the list, the city fell to the bottom of the heap when it comes to safety (47 out of 50) — a particular concern given it’s set to host the World Cup and the Summer Olympics, the report points out.

London Internet Exchange (LINX) Selects CoreSite Data Center for First North American Peering Exchange

“We are delighted to be expanding into North America,” said John Souter, CEO at LINX. “We believe that our deployment in CoreSite’s Northern Virginia campus will contribute to us being able to create a successful new exchange in the US. To demonstrate our commitment to building a world leading Internet Exchange in North America, we will be subsidizing it by providing free 10G ports to any networks who join.” CoreSite’s open peering exchange policy gives customers best-of-breed connectivity options through public peering opportunities in addition to CoreSite’s robust network density and customer communities. Customers are able to access the CoreSite marketplace where network, content, and cloud service providers, along with a wide array of enterprises, interconnect and exchange traffic and services in an efficient, cost-effective manner, ultimately reducing latency and improving network diversity. In addition to being able to peer in the Northern Virginia area at LINX NoVA, CoreSite’s Open Internet Exchange Hub currently provides direct connections to multiple exchanges including remote access to peering in Europe at the London Internet Exchange (LINX), Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), German Commercial Internet Exchange (DE-CIX), and peering elsewhere in the US with New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX) and CoreSite’s Any2 Internet Exchange. “The addition of LINX NoVA to our group of peering partners will further enhance the existing network density inherent in CoreSite’s Northern Virginia community and support the development of a more robust Internet peering ecosystem in the important Northern Virginia market,” said Brian Warren, VP Product Management at CoreSite. “As reflected by the introduction of our Open Internet Exchange Hub last year, we believe in the importance of neutral Internet exchanges and our relationship with LINX NoVA in Virginia further strengthens our platform’s value in providing our customers additional opportunities for both connectivity and community.” About LINX The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is a mutually owned membership association for operators of Internet Protocol networks. We provide a neutral interconnection facility and peering platform, known as an Internet Exchange Point (IXP), and represent the interests of our members on matters of public policy. Our members consist of access networks, ISPs such as BT and content providers like Google, who exchange Internet traffic between each other over our secure peering LANs. Through LINX they are able to reach 80% of the total global Internet making it the single biggest connection point in the world. About CoreSite CoreSite Realty Corporation ( COR ) propels customer growth and long-term competitive advantage by connecting Internet, private networking, mobility, and cloud communities within and across its fifteen high-performance data center campuses and through the CoreSite Mesh.

CORRECTION: London steals title of best city in the world from Paris

CORRECTION: London steals title of best city in the world from Paris

“People don’t want their attention broken up by adverts,” he said. This is an issue for an NFL that desperately wants to reach young people in the UK. It figures it can only do so much with people over the age of 30. Those fans have their sports and their teams, and the NFL believes they aren’t going to be as open to accepting the NFL as younger people who might be willing to embrace an American sport. It’s a risk. Passion for soccer in England is massive, and the NFL still trails sports like cricket and rugby in the popularity polls the league takes. And American football’s best hope might not lie in the Jaguars or Channel 4 but in a familiar cellophane-wrapped case. “Madden.” A common theme among people in their 20s who came to Wembley on Sunday is that they play the “Madden” NFL video game. And not only do they play “Madden” but their friends play “Madden” and those friends play “Madden.” “All the students we know have ‘Madden,'” said George, the Lions fan who won’t watch Luke Joeckel. “Madden” does what the NFL can’t in Great Britain. It explains the game and its complicated rules and strategies. For years, “Madden” has been making a generation of Americans more sophisticated about the nuances of football by allowing kids who never put on a helmet to experience playbooks and defensive schemes. It’s slowly starting to do the same in London. “Once you learn the Xs and Os you learn a lot, it’s a strategic chess match,” said Gillen, the student from Ireland. EA Sports, “Madden’s” developers, don’t have definite numbers of its penetration into the UK.