Worth 3d? ‘gravity’ And 10 More Movies That Benefit From The Upgrade


To ease this burden, one commercial product, EZ Pop, marketed itself as an all inclusive popcorn makersimply move the container over a heat source, and the popcorn pops, completely flavored. After EZ Pop came Jiffy Pop , a famous at-home popcorn product that used the same all-in-one philosophy. By making popcorn an easy-to-make snack, commercial popcorn products were able to gain a foothold in the home. In the 1970s, microwave ovens become increasingly common in homes, creating another boom for popcorn: now, families can enjoy popcorn in minutes simply by pressing a button. As popcorn re-entered the home, traditional associations of popcorn and movies, or popcorn and entertainment, persisted. Nordmende, a German electronics company, even used popcorn to advertise its microwave, purporting it to be a sponsor of the midweek movie . Nowadays, the popcorn industry attaches itself to our home movie nights in a very direct way, through commercials that directly engage with popular films or movie theater styles of microwave popcorn that market themselves as a direct replica of the beloved theater snack. But the relationship between popcorn and the movies has changed more than the smell of a theater lobby or the at-home movie night: its changed the popcorn industry itself. Before the Great Depression, most popcorn sold was a white corn varietyyellow corn wasnt widely commercially grown, and cost twice as much as the white variety. Movie vendors, however, preferred yellow corn , which expanded more when it popped (creating more volume for less product) and had a yellowish tint that belied a coating of butter. People became accustomed to the yellow popcorn and would refuse to buy the white variety at markets, requesting the kind that looked like the popcorn at the movies . Today, white popcorn accounts for 10 percent of commercially grown popcorn; yellow popcorn takes up almost the rest of the commercial market (with some color varieties, like blue and black, grown in negligible amounts). Popcorn is just as economically important to the modern movie theater as it was to movie theaters of old.

Today’s Horror Movies and Thrillers: Why They’re Scary

The most often-cited shot was the one during which Grace Kelly extends her hand into the audience as she reaches for a pair of scissors as she is being attacked. But it was also the way that the director used space to tell the storytaken from a stage play that occurs mostly in a one-bedroom apartmentthat adds to the suspense. How to Train Your Dragon(2010) DreamWorks Animation maintains a high standard for 3D and multiple DWA titles would be appropriate for a list such as this. But its Oscar-nominated How To Train Your Dragon is still considered to be the studios masterpiece in 3D circles. Among the favorite scenes is the one during which Hiccup and Toothless meet for the first time. Depth is used to increase feelings of vulnerability, fear, and conflicted emotions. PHOTOS: Where No One Can Hear You Scream: 18 Big-Screen Space Disasters Hugo(2011) Martin ScorsesesHugo helped to convince many that 3D can be used to tell a dramatic story and it was not just for action films. Among the signature 3D shots in one in which Sacha Baron Cohen’s station inspectorleans over Hugo in a threatening wayand he comes out of the screen and into the audience, invading our personal space and added to the discomfort. The Great Gatsby(2013) Baz Luhrmann’s bravura adaptation of this classic American novel contained layer upon layer of weather, landscape, people and party atmosphere to create a captivating world for his doomed romantic hero. But Luhrmann also explored new territory as he choreographed his actors and used meticulously planned close-ups to bring added emotion and drama to the performances. The Hobbit(2012) While reviews were mixed, Peter Jackson’s experimental use of high frame rates (at 48 frames per second) to make this film trilogy demonstrated how motion blur issues associated with stereoscopic camera movement could be eliminated. The entertainment technology community is continuing to explore how varying frame rates can impact storytellingand James Cameron has this in his plans for his Avatar sequels. PHOTOS: 25 of Fall’s Most Anticipated Movies: ‘Ender’s Game,’ ‘Catching Fire,’ ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and More Life of Pi(2012) Ang Lee took a deliberately conservative approach, telling this story with little coming in front of the screen.


The Zombie Apocalypse Zombies are everywhere. From AMCs hugely popular The Walking Dead to Brad Pitts World War Z, we cant get over our fear of a zombie takeover. The zombie genre has a long history , but todays zombie features strike fear in moviegoers because of how theyre presented. An infection that were all carrying, and the guarantee of turning when you die, whether youre bitten or not? The zombie plague of Walking Dead is just this and that adds to the fear factor. The promise of seeing your friends, family and fellow survivors suffer such a terrible fate makes the possibility of a zombie apocalypse that much scarier. And with no true cause or cure for zombie-itis, its hard to be prepared though the CDC does have some Zombie Preparedness articles to look through if youre worried about an impending zombie takeover. Government Takeovers White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen were both released in 2013, and both cover the topic of attacks on the White House. Were well aware that attacks like this could happen as weve all lived through an attack on our country its something that we can all relate to and easily understand the terror of what this real-life situation would be like. While situations like these might not directly have an effect on us, theyre situations that would greatly impact our daily lives, making them truly unnerving. The What If This Happened To Me Situations Movies like The Strangers or Panic Room instill fear because they depict feasible, real-life situations. No one wants to live through a scene from a horror movie and these movies make that clear. Home invasions and kidnappings are terrifying because theyre so realistic. As unfortunate as it is, the situations happen to real people, and that terror feels very real when watching it on-screen and imagining facing similar circumstances. Todays scary movies make it clear that the movies that keep moviegoers on the edges of their seats illustrate fear of the unknown and realistic situations.